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  1. jaime glenn says:

    that was some ambiance, power down, face up. epa.

  2. jaime glenn says:

    verde, verde …..is angel pah-leeze and quit chewin’ out sasha

  3. jaime glenn says:

    put on joe expipe, not cisco please all he does is holler colors.

  4. jaime glenn says:

    “angel, local guy” happens to be local “king”

  5. jaime glenn says:

    p a j a r o s

  6. jojoba da bahia says:

    estoi tentiando assistir ao vivo la final 23-09-2012…e no transmission!!!!

  7. Dale says:

    Never saw the competition today, how about making a highlights video….only the end came thru.

  8. Ingy says:

    Hi! Are you sending the competition this weekend live? I would love to see Roberto in action;)

  9. iTOSOFT says:

    Hi Ingy, we will start a retransmission at 12:00 pm.

    Unfortunately we could not broadcast live, so will send a video with the most interesting of the day.

  10. coco solo says:

    Muy bien :)

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